Friday, July 8, 2016

8 Month Hiatus

It was 8 months ago I had to get a new phone because my old (perfectly usable) mobile's screen got cracked by a new phone cover which rendered it inoperable.  We were leaving for MA within the next 24 hours and I had to rush and get a new phone without having anything saved on it.  There went all the apps, info, phone numbers, emails and all the important things that you realize you need after the moment when you lose it.  The blogger app I had on my phone went with all that confusion...hence, an 8 month hiatus.

I can also just blame it all on life happening, way too fast.  We turned around after a High School Reunion and went right out after Christmas for a Family Reunion in NOLA.  It was practically back to back.  It was all such great fun but we were done traveling for a while.  The school year started up again, everything was going well and then I got offered to teach in another school and my life got flipped once again to prepare to leave a school I had been at for more than a decade.  All very exciting but all a little nerve-racking at the same time.   Here we are half way through summer break.  Mind reeling about the newness ahead.  We have a kindergarten-er in our midst and an almost preschooler.  The days are only going to get more interesting on top of a new job in a new school.  Wish us luck and prayer while you're at it.

We did get a chance to have some fun in June. We started off with a pink jeep tour in Sedona that the boys loved!  Along with visiting every indoor bounce house in the valley.   No complaining from the boys and honestly I think Rob was the one mostly interested to see which ones were the best fun. We also got a chance to escape the heat and drive to CA to visit the Furbish family and ring in the 4th with them and all of their neighborhood block party.  The craziest block party ever!  I have never seen anything like it.  The boys asleep after the main events, which included a BBQ, pool fun, bounce house and fireworks spectacular.  The other pic, out of order is of the kids riding bikes around for the bike parade.  I have SO MANY pictures from such a fun weekend we had a blast to give us memories for many months to come.

We are preparing for a Grandma visit, visiting friends, hanging on the Atlantic Ocean (part of our bi-coastal vacationing) and a bridal shower for my youngest cousin Liz to be wed in September. After that I am knee deep into setting up my new classroom and preparing for the next phase of my art teaching career in...Junior High. Say some Hail Mary's for me now. One hundred and fifty 12+ year olds from now on.  No more innocent little 5 year old kinders anymore.  I will have my own kinder anyhow. Here we go...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Knee Deep in the Holiday Season

Big boy in a little swing. He loved pushing his little bro but wasn't a huge fan of me pushing him. This one has to do things on his own speed. 
A couple weeks ago they opened a Hanna Anderson boutique at the Keirland Commons shopping area and I took the boys over for a peek. We got some stormtrooper pjs and newborn jammies for my expecting friend's baby shower.  Littlest man loved the water fountain even though it was 68 degrees. Brrrr. 
Someone loves hands on activities in the morning. This day it was paint and this is him saying paint. He painted about 4-5 pages drawing with pen then painting them. A multimedia artist ahead of his time. 
The kick off into the holiday season was little man turning 2 and then of course the Naylor's favorite holiday Halloween!  We were 3 parts Wizard of Oz and 1 part Star Wars. I made Logan's costume which I was pretty proud of (he even let me hair spray his hair), got the Dorothy costume for $1 and Rob scored his mask for $19. All in all a successful costume adventure!  Here I am staring down Thanksgiving already. I swore I just started school and now I'm very close to being half way through.  
Just got finished writing a website for a donors chose project at school. I will have the link up for people to donate for my items, which include; a chromebook, document camera and projector. There are teachers across my District who were asked to write a proposal. This proposal, my Begin mentoring program all while I'm getting ready for a sub next week has been extremely hectic. We are all looking forward to Thanksgiving and all the smiles it will bring.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Summer Blues

I miss my summertime plain and simple. Time with the family, no alarm clocks and of course, getting paid to relax. The last two months have come and gone. Our big guy is soon onto his 4th week of preschool. He dutifully made his first ever self portrait. Even with his "small eyes" as the artist stated it looks just like him holding a crayon. I love it and it almost made me cry. These days I am one big pile of sap when it comes to the amazing things my FBS (first born son) can do. Shake your head now if you've been there. 
Next we have one of three new house projects pictures below because apparently we have SO much time on our hands. Well, these projects have been on the "must do" list for a while now. I see it as laziness if we didn't get them done within this certain mental time frame I concocted. As you can see the new flooring in our son's bedroom is just about complete. According to Rob it will be done tomorrow. Don't worry I worked on some of that flooring too. Even made some horrible looking jigsaw cuts. Thank God for baseboards. Those wooden things around your floor seams for those of you still stuck on baseboards. 
Finally, before I pass out into my 5 hours of slumber. Yes, I said 5 hours. Gasp away. We have our youngest guy climbing the world while we throw pillows to cushion the fall. He is out of the crib these days and into the lazy boy. Literally he crawls out of the daybed/ crib in his room and plunks himself on the recliner that we have in the room so Mommy could nurse comfortably.  I have a pillow on the floor, he is just fine. I spent practically a fortnight in there trying for hours to get him to cash out in the daybed.  The ball is completely in his court. He is calling the shots. Tonight he turned on the floor light, checked out about 3 different books on the floor and then cashed out on that chair.  I love his independence, I wonder where the heck he gets it from?  Thanks for keeping me on my toes, Curly (and a new nickname ensues). Good Night. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Schools Out for Summer

Reaching the end of my 3rd week of vacation. Time is passing quickly (reoccurring theme in my life) and like most teachers, I have started to think about next school year. I have done many things around the house. New ceiling in Preston's room no more 80's popcorn ceiling, two new sewing projects and purging old unused items.  This all with starting off this summer with a half marathon in San Diego and a visit from my mother in law. I stay in my pj's as long as I can, sleep in as much as a parent with little kids can and naps. Lots of naps. 
Zoo trips, play time, water time, Vet visits, Half Marathon, Dog Party and cute Father's Day Card (Preston did at school).  We even put up our own growth chart in the living room. Everyone got measured except the animals. They are next. Pretty busy but still enough time to lounge around and relax which is what a true vacation is all about. I do know today is Saturday. Why? Because Rob is doing laundry otherwise I would think it was Thursday. Days of the week are arbitrary to a teacher on summer break. 
On to more vacation time..