Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy To Be One!

Our walking one year old had a blast at his birthday party last weekend.  We had lots of little ones, friends and parents come out to help celebrate.  We had a black, red and yellow themed Mickey Mouse party.  I pulled out the sewing machine once again for Logan's new birthday suit.  Everything fit like a glove until I tried to get that little white shirt over his head.  Logan inherited the "big head" gene so it wasn't an easy task.  He was a trooper.  The party went well into his nap time but he was down for partying until almost all were ready to go.  We decided to have most of the festivities inside the house.  The heat factor played a part in the switch but we did have some of the kiddos play with the toys out back for a little while.

Once people got some food we put could tell Logan's awake time was limited.  We pulled the decorated high chair into the kitchen, grabbed the cake and gave his candle a light.  Right after we finished singing Logan's hands went right into the cake.  Like a sculptor taking to his clay Logan worked his way into the smash cake with intrigue and interest.  It wasn't until big brother Preston took a bite out of one of the cookies that he fully committed himself.  The smash cake took on it's true definition.
Logan eventually began opening his own birthday gifts.  So the party took a new turn from cake and dessert to tissue paper,  wrapping paper and bags.  Preston started into the gifts shortly after and when Logan struggled then Preston stepped right up and finished the job.  A real assembly line. 
All and all it was a great first birthday party!  Loads of fun from start to finish!

We even had another first word.  "Mommy" came out Logan's mouth clear as day after his well deserved nap.  I asked if Preston heard him say it and he said "Logan just said 'mommy'!".  It was the cherry on top of a super day.   

The birthday weekend ended up turning into an infamous day for the state of Arizona.  Sunday evening and Monday morning rainstorms caused huge damage to the Valley and the Governor had to declare a state of emergency!  We got a RAIN DAY off of school!  Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted that happening.  It was almost like an April Fools joke at first.  I got a call from our health tech saying that school had been cancelled.  This website from NewTimes has a picture of the I10 freeway that was literally under water in the morning.  We're not close to this area but if you drove to the intersection of neighborhoods and streets surrounding us it was 5-8 inches deep of water you had to drive through.  Our backyard looked like the day our sprinkler system broke and it rain on full blast for 4 hours. 
We had no damage and by 3pm that day it was actually a beautiful day.  An unexpected long weekend that we will truly never forget. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

One Small Step For Man

If you have ever had a long conversation with a parent of a three-year-old then you may have heard the various challenges that they faced when it came to potty training. Or maybe they got lucky and it was a breeze. Either way there is always some story of humor; here is our tale.
It seemed like all the advice, training pants, training under and rewards were not cutting it. Preston was uninterested and unenthusiastic about anything to do with the potty process. It just wasn't his bag. We even tried the 3 day intensive keeping him trapped in the kitchen for 12 hours, didn't phase this child. We tried it all, honestly, and we were exhausted.
Three weeks ago we finally got Preston to enter the "first phase" pretty consistently. Unfortunately "phase two" had never even been close to being put into action. Avoiding it like the plague. Two suggested resources were put into effect a week ago. Today "we landed on the moon"! It was hands down one of the happiest moments I have experienced since his birth. I'm not even close to kidding. Although, reading this over again it's pretty darn funny. Fireworks went off, fanfare and of course the buying of a special prize! A BIG milestone! If you can relate then we have finally been accepted into the club.
Now, onto the next Oh no, the tears will flow again that day too, I'm sure.
Curious about the two helpful pieces of the puzzle? If you are uneasy with the topic already. End your reading. Hands down these two were the gurus of training our head strong preschooler, in my opinion. Here they are:
*Elmo's Potty Time 45 min DVD. He watched it twice the first day I brought it home.
*Everyone Poops Taro Gomi read it to him every night by request.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Baby Makes a Difference

Both of these little stares melt my heart in their own little way. Each pictures brings me right back to that moment, how small Preston was compared to how big he had gotten. Logan seems like he was only a newborn yesterday and today on the verge of walking on his own any day now. Both are 10 months in each picture respectively. Preston sure had a good mop of hair. Logan looks heavier but was almost a pounder lighter than Preston was at his last check up. Preston was not even close to walking at 10 months like Logan is. I could go on and on about their differences but to me they look similar in these pictures too. The one handed lean, big baby thighs and their eyes. Ooh those eyes... girls consider yourselves warned. My final though on these two pictures is that Preston looks more like Rob and Logan looks more like me at this point in their lives.

As for the baby bibs... I'm not trying to let any cat out of the bag here so get that idea right out of your head. There is NO announcement! Although, I am happy to say that I have delved into the world of sewing! Something I have been wanting to try for ages. The internet, YouTube and Pinterest all have spiraled me down the proverbial rabbit hole and I started making some baby gifts for some co workers. Here are two bibs and burp cloths I made with my own two hands. No major foul ups, yet. I did break a needle the second time at my machine but I considered it a christening of sorts. I have enjoyed myself thus far. It's a challenging and creative enough outlet for me, in addition, to getting a fully functioning product out of the time spent. Someone recently mentioned how crafty I am getting since the boys came along. I didn't quite realize it until she said something but yes, it's safe to say now that I am a crafty mom. I've come a long way.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

We Survived Our Summer Vacation

Daddy & Logan
Preston throwing shells
I must say, after we made our vacation arrangements and the day finally arrived, I was apprehensive about taking two kids 3 and under on a flight across the country.  To put the icing on the cake Preston conveniently came down with a bad stomach virus and was, let's shall we say, not "sea worthy" for a day prior to departure.  Logan was sporting a drippy nose and mild temp.  We had a red eye planned praying to the high heavens that the kids would be so conked out they would sleep the flight away.  50% of that idea worked out.  One of our travelers was not a great sleeper on his first night flight.  Preston kept waking up to kicking and screaming every forty-five minutes.   Therefore; I didn't sleep a wink the entire time.  We were all in zombie-like status for the rest of the day.  We got a nap in but it took a good day and a half to get back on schedule.  
Grandma and Logan (and his new use of a cane)

Andover Bell Tower with my father's name on it?
Rob was all about walking around Phillips Academy and to downtown Andover.  It was great because it wore out the kids and they napped so well for being on vacation.   The large bell tower at the end of the campus has had names on the side dedicated to Andover soldiers who served in WWI. Under 1917 my father's name (close to it) has been a fascination of mine for decades.  Who was this Edward Hines Jr.? Did he have any relation to my father or my extended family? Looking at the names during our visit had so much more meaning because two names down from "my father's" are the last names Preston and under that Taylor (almost a Naylor very close).  The bell tower was the site where the Andover military would train and drill. According the plaque on the bell tower wall in 1789 President George Washington held an informal reception on horseback greeting the townspeople and the Academy students.  So much history in my little town!

Our adventures soon brought us to the Cape.  Logan had to make a brief appearance at the walk-in clinic to discover that he was suffering from a bad ear infection.  Antibiotics hard at work and we were at the beach the next day.  We lucked out and had wonderful weather and the kids loved it. Logan went into the water with me and splashed his little heart out, in addition, to eating fists full of sand.  Daddy and Preston dug holes, built sand castles and scoured the beach for rocks. The heat, the sun and our fun lent us all to some good Naylor napping later in the day.  We had the pleasure of a good old fashion BBQ thanks to the Maffie's and their grandchildren, as well as. a family visit from the Hines'and Mr. Mullen (who shares a birthday with Logan).  All and all a wonderful Cape visit with lots of great memories.

Nature had a surprise in store for us.  The rest of my aunts and uncle came to see Logan and Preston before we left.  About an into our visit one of the most violent of rain storms attacked my mother's house.  First it was thunder and lightening, then heavy rains but soon came whipping winds and hail.  It was a sight to be seen.  The windows, even while closed, got flooded with rain water.  What do you do when your power is off and it's dinner time?  You take the family to Joe Fish!  The boys were relatively well behaved for it being such a crazy evening.   Of course, the power went out and didn't return until 3 AM the next morning, which made for an interesting sleeping experience.  Thankfully there was no real damage and everyone was safe and sound.  We even got to see Eileen and the Coco boys at Mad Maggie's for some yummy ice cream.

Even with the sickness, the crazy flight and unexpected storms we survived our summer vacation. The late night flight ended up being a better fit for the boys who slept 2.5 hours soundly on the return.  Time to enjoy the last couple weeks before work starts up again.  Two months went by way too fast.
Logan 10 Months at the Cape with Grampie's picture
Preston and a New England stick